Didmus Barasa uses CDF vehicle for Kimilili Campaign

Didmus Barasa has been accused of unlawfully using a government-owned vehicle for his campaign for the parliamentary seat in Kimilili. A Ford Ranger vehicle was branded with his respective party colors and was plated with fake number plates to cover up the real ones.

Police say investigations are ongoing and that according to the law one cannot use a government vehicle for personal endeavors  and in this regard for personal campaigns. The police confirmed that the car is the property of Constituency Development Fund (CDF) in Bungoma county, and has been detained at the Bungoma Police Station. The Kimilili MP was said to have been missing in action and was not present at the time that this happened.

The vehicle was found in Nasyanda village in a yard and was not at the CDF office where it ought to have been.

The case has been forwarded to the County Criminal Investigation Officer in Bungoma for further investigation as they continue to search for the accused who is said to be in hiding.


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