Abrahamovich Sanctions To Hold Chelsea Sale

The UK government sanctioned Roman Abramovich as part of its efforts to crack down on rich Russians having holdings in the country. 

The owner of Chelsea Football Club is one of seven more Russian oligarchs sanctioned by ministers on Thursday.

Mr. Abramovich revealed last week that he plans to sell Chelsea after nearly 20 years of ownership, with the money going to “all victims of the tragedy in Ukraine.”

The sanctions will take effect before the football club, which is believed to be valued over £3 billion, can be sold.

Over 200 persons and businesses have now been sanctioned by the government.

Here is a summary of Chelsea’s woes

  • Premier League club frozen as part of action; proposed sale halted for time being.
  • Chelsea club shop must close, no more match tickets can be sold.
  • Fans who bought season tickets or individual match tickets before today can attend games.
  • Club can fulfil fixtures and pay wages of all employees, including players and coaching staff.
  • No new player sales or purchases will be permitted under the licence, and discussions on new deals for players who are out of contract in the summer – such as men’s team captain Cesar Azpilicueta – must go on hold
  • Chelsea can pay “reasonable” costs of travel to and from fixtures but not exceeding £20,000 per game per team.
  • Pay “reasonable” costs towards hosting home fixtures, not exceeding £500,000 per fixture per team.
  • Broadcasters can broadcast any fixture involving the club.


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