A life lesson on Birthdays: Should cake come first?

From cringing with excitement, and tagging on mummy’s dress asking ‘if it is almost time to cut the cake’, to having to go to work on a day that seems ordinary but turns out to be a day where you can appreciate the simplest of birthday messages and gestures. Life as we know it definitely has its twists, turns and transitions. The baby wants a lollipop and the adult wants money. But may be it isn’t so…

I think the value of things as we grow, changes. There was a time the small instant items that satisfy the now, were exciting in childhood. Birthday cake, paper hats and flutes, junk food and sweets were what summed up the best birthday.

It may depend on your level of growth, but having life itself and the people in it is what one would hold dear the older they get. For me, the best birthdays are filled with love, laughter and a deep appreciation for loved ones and friends… but to be honest, even in my 30’s, cake still holds a place in my heart! Agreed? Cake aside, take on each of life’s transitions with a grateful heart, that for me is what makes any birthday worthwhile.


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