Kenya Methodist University Prayer Day

Kenya Methodist University (KEMU) has today held a Prayer Day under the theme “Journeying with God.” The event was presided over by the General Secretary of NCCK Rev. Canon Chris Kinyanjui who delivered the keynote address “We must love our Nation.”

In his address, Rev. Kinyanjui called on the students to have a mindset of growth, not a fixed mindset; he urged them to have a mindset that is open to learning and adjusting to challenges and setbacks.

“We must know that this is where our children will grow up. We must strive and pray for this nation. We must tell ourselves these good stories,” he said.

The NCCK Gen.Secretary Rev.Chris Kinyanjui

He challenged them that it doesn’t matter one’s size or where they come from; what matters is that they are doing something. And they can change the course of the nation, one day at a time, one person at a time.

“It is unfortunate that the youth in Kenya are saying they will not vote, yet they don’t have a spare Kenya. Kenya will not be industrialized by the Chinese, but by us, playing our role.”

Being on a journey means you are not yet where you want to be; it means you don’t stop or turn back, because you have not yet arrived – he called upon every Kenyan of goodwill to intercede for the nation and for the youth who are so depressed that they have taken up drugs.

KEMU’s philosophy is to foster the intellectual, spiritual and physical development of the individual to recognize and utilize opportunities for human development.


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