Would you like some tea?

We all like to take that cup of tea or coffee in the morning, and some of us an energy drink here and there during the day. Well, have you ever asked yourself if its healthy or good for you? Well, we want to ask ourselves if caffeine, which is a substance that is in both tea and coffee, is healthy or if we should stop its consumption all together.

Caffeine, is the most widely used psychoactive substance and is considered a stimulant of the Central Nervous System. “When we take a stimulant like caffeine we might be able to stay more alert, able to get stuff done.” Jonathan, Institute of Human Anatomy

While on a quest to find out what the pros and cons of caffeine, Dr. Majd MD highlighted some helpful insight on her channel, saying “The concensus right now is 400mg a day is safe enough for an adult (excluding pregnant and lactating women), thats a bout 4 cups a day.

Lets take a look at the pro’s and cons of taking caffeine…

Pro’s of caffeine:

  1. Up to 3 cups a day can prevent heart attack
  2. Decrease diabetes risk
  3. Can improve blood sugar levels and improve alertness
  4. Help stop migraines, but more than 3 servings has been known to also cause migraines “so be careful” she says.

Con’s of caffeine:

  1. It can worsen anxiety and panic attacks for those who are prone
  2. It can cause insomnia, tremors and shaking
  3. Pregnant women should avoid it it can cause harm to the fetus in terms of development.

Before you serve your next cup of tea or coffee, here are 2 tips to keep at the top of your mind, to keep your caffeine level at bay.

Tip #1: Opt for coffee or tea instead of energy drinks

Tip #2: If you are trying to wean off, do it gradually.

Enjoy your drink… and your day.


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