5 ways to show you can lead — even when you don’t have a leadership role

Written by: David Burkus PhD

Just because you don’t have a title, that doesn’t mean you’re not a leader.

But if you want to someday gain that title and a position of team leader or manager, then there’s a dilemma you’ll have to reconcile. You’ll have to be able to demonstrate leadership at work to the people who make promotion decisions — without having had a leadership role to point to.

Still, working on any team creates leadership moments that you’ve probably seized upon in the past. You just might not have known about them, or you might not have recognized them.

Too many people try to shift blame and make excuses, but great leaders take ownership of problems and work to find lessons and solutions.

Here, I’ll share five ways to demonstrate leadership at work so you can recognize those moments, act on them and use them to make the argument on why you’re the leader that your organization needs:

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