Truth Be Told: Music & Public Transport

Well, the average Kenyan in Nairobi uses at least 2-4 matatu’s per day to get to their places of work, if not more. Matatu’s overtime has been engraved onto the Kenyan culture. Art, Music, screens, “club” lighting you will find it there.

Walking in a matatu at times is like rolling dice you never know what outcome find. At 6 am, the atmosphere is relaxed and the bus is empty as passengers occupy their preferred seats. All over the bus, you can clearly read bible verses, images of renowned artists. At full capacity the atmosphere changes, the TV screens turn on with provocative dancing, and loud sensual music is blasted.

Across the bus, it’s clear dived between irritated passengers and happy souls bobbing their heads to the tunes. Parents have to start engaging their children with their phones to distract them from the obscenities the drive is exposing them to. The industry has undergone in my opinion enough regulations as it is, but how do we control theserogue” touts and drivers.

The hypocrisy is beyond entertaining bible quotes versus obscenities in the same bus is shocking.



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