Ukraine – Russia Conflict tells us that Africa should wake up!


For a long time, Africa has suffered a dependency syndrome, especially toward the Western and European countries. As a continent, Africa depends on the said regions for most of its primary food resources and various raw materials. My question is why? A warlike Ukraine, yes will definitely affect the world in different aspects, but the level of disruption in our economy with regards to circumstances like war, can be controlled or at least be mitigated significantly.

Africa, just itself has fertile land in almost every region of the continent, we have agricultural knowledge, that we should probably start harnessing more in order to sharpen our food security, and we also have raw materials; if only we were prepared to do the processing of some of these materials. A warlike this would turn Africa from a 3rd world continent into a 1st world resource for the world in times such as this.

Imagine an Africa where industrial plants, mines, factories and business policies gave access to markets, where our export and import industry was organized in a manner, that when a country like Ukraine, that provides for a large part of the world’s wheat and crude oil from Russia, goes into war, because Africa would already be organized in its supply of resources, that a whole continent would save the day.

In an in depth discussion on African leadership, a good starting point is brought out by Policy and Governance Specialist “We know that the biggest problem that Africans face is corruption that once one is found/indicted for corruption, one is found doing shady deals… what’s the response of our justice system?”

This war should be a wakeup call for Africa, it’s about time!

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