Today’s movie on Family TV: Break Every Chain

“When you experience death like I have. You see God is not there. Tell me pastor why does God let bad things happen to good people? Why is God Silent?”

Emotionally wrecked drowning in his own sadness, which quickly turns into depression. Jonathan becomes addicted to alcohol as he fixates it as his companion. While his anger becomes the driving force of his life.

Growing up he encountered loss at an early age when his dad passed on. Now a police officer, horrific death scenes in his line of duty has made him numb and with a lot of questions. The death of his son and a potential loss of his job pushes him to seek answers in all the dark corners.

The true life based movie takes us through a spiral of emotions and unfortunate events. But through it all Jonathan finds the answer, God. You can catch this exciting movie tonight at 10PM exclusively on Family TV.


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