‘This Is The Day’ Goes Live on Family TV

Have you watched ‘This Is The Day’ on Family TV?

Finally, Radio meets TV and every weekday from 6 pm to 7 pm we bring to you the events of the day from a Christian perspective.

It is amazing how your financial support and prayers are propelling us to possibilities, that even in the world’s darkness we can experience the eternal hope and light of Jesus through the content and programs that we broadcast.

‘This is The Day’ is an important show for us because it is News from a Christian perspective to uplift you up. It combines current events, news and engaging conversations on relevant issues – all designed to inform and put on the light on what is happening around us.

“We are not going to compete with the rest of the stations who have been doing this for many years. Our objective is to inform you, tell you why it is happening, and encourage you that there is hope,” Presenter Fred Njiri said. “The show is going to be engaging by allowing the audience to participate by reporting what’s happening around them on a segment we are calling ‘Talk of the Town’. What we are trying to do, is to give our viewers a chance to report what’s happening around them using their mobile phones and submit the video to us through WhatsApp. Our work then will be to call upon the authorities or leaders to take action and change the narrative.”

With every episode, Fred and Jane will offer a close-up view of current news happening in the churches, counties, and around the world, bringing insights from a perspective that you will find both informative and encouraging.

“Behind every news, there is another story, and what we are trying to do is to give more background,” said Family Media CEO Leo Slingerland. 


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