The New Organized Crime: Cattle Rustling 

For years cattle rustling has been perceived to be an acceptable cultural practice in many communities, and a showcase of power, strength, and wealth amongst pastoralist communities. However, the practice has been classified as a form of an organised crime, by a study conducted by ENACT transnational organised crime researchers at the Institute for Security Studies.

For nomadic families in Africa, cattle are an agricultural commodity but also a form of identity within their culture. Loss of livelihoods, deaths and injuries is the aftermath of the raids.

Spurred by the proliferation of small weapons, criminals target small-scale pastoralists who are the backbone of the regional beef industry. Their livelihoods are threatened by criminals who supply stolen beef to growing urban meat markets worth about US$500 million in Kenya alone,” Institute for Security Studies.

A multi-agency security team in Marsabit County is continuously making strides to restore security and peace back into the area. On Thursday, September 15, the security team while on a patrol received information that armed bandits had attacked herders and stolen six hundred cows.

The multi-agency team responded promptly and repulsed the bandits. All the cows were recovered and handed over to the owners. We thank the local communities for partnering with the security team and for volunteering information leading to the successful recovery,” National Police Service stated.


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