The Hopes of Nairobi Residents

The fruits of devolution may not have been fully harvested and tasted to be sweet when it comes to the country’s capital. The last 10 years of having a Governor of the Country’s capital has been a somewhat of mix and match. From fraud, malpractice, gross violation, and other forms of allegations that followed the first two governors of the county with the latter being impeached leaving a vacant state in the leadership of the county.

The height of impunity in the governance of the capital may have led the President to appoint Major General Abdalla Badi to head the Nairobi Metropolitan Service (NMS). In his address to the nation President Kenyatta stated, “As I commission the Nairobi Metropolitan Service, I will task them first to bring an end to the corruption and to dismantle the cartels that have hindered the development of this county. I know that this is a tall order but to you who have been charged with this responsibility, I pledge that I will ensure that you are fully supported by the government in all ways possible to ensure that you achieve this goal.”

As we elect the 3rd Governor through an electoral process in the upcoming general elections, these are the hopes of Nairobi residents;


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