The Evangelical Alliance of Kenya call for Peace ahead of the General Elections

With the clock ticking towards the General Elections, the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya (EAK) has called upon politicians vying for various electoral positions in the country to establish a tradition of accepting election results.
The Evangelical organ of the Church says a concession speech accepting defeat or a gracious winner’s speech will serve to cement national cohesion, adding that any disagreements concerning the election outcome should be pursued through legally laid down mechanisms.
“We urge Kenyans to make a commitment to non-violence and to make peace when you see threats or acts of aggression,” Bishop Emeritus and EAK Chairman, Dr. David Oginde
EAK further called on relevant organs of government to ensure peaceful transitions at all levels, with the government security agencies called upon to enforce the law without discrimination.
The Secretary General of the Alliance Dr. Nelson Makanda on his part said, the importance of peace can not be overemphasised.
“There is life after elections. Let’s not fight against one another. Let’s not shed innocent blood during this period. Let’s us be instruments of peace. A peaceful nation is a productive nation.”
The leaders called on the Youths in Kenya to refuse to be used as instruments of violence, and to use social media responsibly, preach peace, and vote to elect leaders who will address their concerns.
Political players have further been called upon to accord IEBC officials respect to execute their mandate, with the IEBC urged to ensure they conduct a free, fair, verifiable and credible elections.


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