Reuben Kigame On Elections And Move To The Supreme Court

Disqualified presidential candidate Reuben Kigame vows to move to the Supreme Court to challenge IEBC’s appeal on exclusion of his name on the ballot paper.

While addressing a press conference today, Kigame asked his supporters to include his name on the ballot paper and vote for him on Tuesday.

“When it comes to the presidential position, take your pen and write Reuben Kigame on the ballot paper as your fifth option. Tick it proudly. Do so peacefully and ensure you go home after the vote.”

Kigame maintains that IEBC did not conduct a fair nomination process for presidential candidates hence his move to head to the Supreme Court immediately after the polls are done.

“Matharau in Kenya must stop and dignity, justice and inclusion given back to citizens. In case you thought a new Kenya can be wished away through a shambolic election, I am here for the long-haul and Kenya will get new leadership soon.” Kigame said.



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