“The church has become captive of our politicians” – Provost Sammy Wainaina, All Saints’ Cathedral

A section of the clergy has called on the church to play an active role in politics to help safeguard the morality of the nation. The Provost of the All Saints Cathedral Reverend Sammy Wainaina, wants the church to resist anything that contradicts the aspirations of Kenyans as part of its role in holding the government accountable.

The Provost called on Kenyans to be cautious about their choice in the upcoming August 9th general elections.

“Elections or political elections are a celebration of fundamental rights of human freedom. Politics are so important that we must be involved in them as believers and as the church,” Rev.Sammy Wainaina said.

The Provost challenged the politicians to prioritize bridging the growing gap between the rich and the poor. He noted that Kenya is only safe if everyone has basic needs.

“So long as you have people who don’t know what to eat at lunch and in the evening while others can eat what they want, that’s a dangerous country,” he said.

Rev. Wainaina further warned that the church has become captive of our politicians, that is why they come to church and demand to speak. “I ask them, “I  have members of the church who have been here for so long, pay tithes, and support the church yet they don’t speak here. What has a politician to do with the pulpit?”

He hit out at politicians over false promises, and similarly at the church for misleading politicians.

“We have focused too much on the President yet forgotten the county-level leadership and so long as the motivation is about power and money, then we should not expect miracles,” The Provost said.

In a related move Bishop James Maria Wainaina of the Murang’a Catholic Diocese called on Kenyans to be wary of the Marijuana crusade being propagated by the Roots party leader George Wajackoyah.


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