Canon Wainaina delivers his last sermon as provost of All Saints’ Cathedral

Rev. Canon Sammy Wainaina believes that it’s not just about finishing, but finishing well. He has now finished his service as provost of All Saints’ Cathedral, a time he describes as ‘the best years in my service to God’.

“I am a product of your prayers. Thank you for the opportunity to be called your pastor,” he said in his farewell sermon. “Being a pastor at All Saints Cathedral went beyond the boundaries of this church and city. It went to the nation.”

Indeed, it went to the nation because Rev. Wainaina has become outspoken on national issues, speaking directly to the crisis affecting the country.

It wasn’t always like that. The canon himself admits that, at the beginning, he was a fearful provost. He did not know when to talk about politics. But having noticed the cry of the people of God, he spoke because ‘the church should never be quiet’.

Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit prayed for the canon and his family, asking God to guide him and make him an instrument of God’s mission to the larger Anglican Communion worldwide.

The 12th Provost of the Cathedral has served since December 2013.

An earlier church statement read: “In his thirteen years of service, the Provost leaves behind a legacy of strong leadership, a robust pulpit ministry, and steadfast discipleship. Thank you for your dedicated leadership in serving the All Saints’ Cathedral family, and congratulations on your new role.”

Canon Wainaina was described as an exceptional leader who has demonstrated genuine care for every member of the institution. He has taken the time to listen, mentor, and offer guidance, fostering a sense of camaraderie and support that has made everyone feel like family.

Provost Wainaina bid his congregation farewell because he was moved to London to take on the role of advisor on Anglican Communion Affairs.

“I leave a Cathedral that is a Bible-believing and Bible-preaching church. My prayer is that you maintain that. If you lose that in this cathedral, you will have lost the faith,” he told the church.

“I also leave a cathedral that is well managed. We have put policies and systems in place; unless somebody wants to corrupt them, the cathedral is in good hands in terms of leadership, policies, and systems.”

Canon Wainaina was lauded for his leadership and the projects he spearheaded and oversaw to completion. This includes the Children & Teens Center (CTC), the new primary school’s tuition block, a multipurpose hall, a swimming pool, and a four-story junior secondary school block.

He has served as vicar, archdeacon, assistant provost, and provost of All Saints’ since joining in December 2013.

He was ordained in the Nakuru Diocese in 1996 and has served in the church for the past 25 years.

Canon Wainaina holds a Diploma in Divinity from St. Paul’s Theological College in Kapsabet and a bachelor’s degree in divinity from St. Paul’s University in Limuru. He has a Master’s degree in Education and Training Development from the University of Reading in England as well as a Doctor of Ministry degree from Asbury Theological Seminary in Kentucky.


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