Reuben Kigame: Place of Women in His Government

“Nobody needs to pursued me to have women in my cabinet”

The world celebrated Mother’s day yesterday marking the annual significant calendar. However, a lot more needs to be done in the appreciation of women in our lives and society in general. The lottery of birth has been a reward that has caused a lot more stirs than joy. This has been the basis for the debate or better yet “conflict” in the fight for gender equality and inclusion. “I don’t struggle to see the place of women in the society because it is already there in the bible,” Presidential Candidate Reuben Kigame. In the current political environment in Kenya, there seems to be a focus on the position of women in politics. Delivering a speech to a small congregant earlier in the month, Presidential hopeful Reuben Kigame shared his manifesto on the positioning of women in his government,


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