The Key Legislative Agendas for Kenya Kwanza

President William Ruto, met yesterday, the 17th of September, with the Kenya Kwanza members of parliament in, Naivasha. An alliance meeting meant to outline the key legislative agenda and vision that would help the 5th administration realise its manifesto.

Addressing the MP’s on the second day of the retreat, President Ruto outlined; Creation of an enabling bussiness environment, Affordable housing, Reforming the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF), increase of Agricultural productivity and saving culture/ contributions to the  the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) to be the  key legislative agendas to be executed in parliament.

The retreat had various presentations from specialist like;  Economist David Ndi, Housing Principal Secretary Charles Hinga, NHIF CEO Peter Kamunyu and NSSF Managing Trustee Antony Omerikwa. How educate the parliamentarians on the various social economic issues affecting the nation.

On matters savings, “ it is not possible for us to continue contributing Ksh.200 shillings and pretending we are doing anything called saving. It is not saving it is a joke” President Ruto.

According to the President; in the East African region, Kenya has the lowest saving percentage of its GDP. “Saving is biblical. The Bible says a good man leaves an inheritance for his children. So for those of you who are believers you will be fulfilling what the bible says and you could possibly go to heaven,” President William Ruto.

The president in his closing remarks, “I appreciate that many MP’s had thought that we will come to Naivasha and enjoy ourselves. Unfortunately, it has become like CBC too much homework.”  It is time to work and deliver to Kenyans; was the underlying message for the President.


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