World Patient Safety Day 2022

At one point or another every human being falls sick. Luckily with a wide array of various modern medicine’s there is also the right drug to nurse us back to good health or to help us prevent an illness.

However drugs can be dangerous if incorrectly; stored, prescribed, dispensed, administered or if monitored insufficiently. The UN states that, “Globally, 50% of all preventable harm in medical care is related to medication.Medications can save lives, but they can do harm when not taken properly.

Medication errors occur when, ” weak medication systems and human factors such as fatigue, poor environmental conditions or staff shortages affect the safety of the medication use process. This can result in severe patient harm, disability and even death,” read part of the UN presser.

World Patient Safety Day was established by the seventy second World Health Assembly in 2019. From then on, the 17th of September marked a global action to; “increase public awareness and engagement, enhance global understanding, and work towards global solidarity and action by Member States to enhance patient safety and reduce patient harm.”

The first step of Medical safety begins with you; always seek the advice of a qualified healthcare professional before taking any medicines.


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