President Elect: “No room for Homosexuality in Kenyan Society”

There seems to be a common understanding between the outgoing 4TH administration and the incoming 5th administration when it comes to the debate surrounding “homosexuality”.

In an interview on Thursday, September 7, with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, President-elect William Ruto was put to task over his past remarks on homosexuality, when he said, “There is no room for homosexuality in Kenyan Society.”

The incoming president remained firm and un-withered on the matter saying,

“We have Kenyan Law, we have Kenyan constitution, and we have our tradition and customs. We will continue to respect other people’s customs as they respect our customs and tradition. I am very clear that we respect everybody and what they believe in, but we also have what we believe in and we expect to be respected for what we believe in,” said the President-elect.

The quest to promote Gay Rights in the Africa continent by the Western Governments is one that has failed time and time again.

While touring the African continent as the President of the United States, the former US President Barrack Obama, was on a mission to promote “Human Rights and Freedom”. In a joint press conference with the outgoing president Uhuru Kenyatta at state house, Nairobi, in 2015, President Obama tried to push the LGBTQ+ agenda and narrative.

On his part, President Kenyatta stood firm and immediately shutdown the push. “Our culture, our societies don’t accept it. It is very difficult for us to be able to impose on people that, which they themselves do not accept. This is why I repeatedly say that for Kenyans today the issue of gay rights is really a non-issue. We want to focus on other areas,” President Kenyatta remarked.

He would later reaffirm his stance on the LGBTQ+ during his CNN interview with Christiane Amanpour. “I will not engage in a subject that is not of any major importance to the people and republic of Kenya. It is not an issue of Human rights as you would like to put it. This is an issue of society, our own base as a culture as a people. Regardless of which community you come from this is not acceptable this is not agreeable,” President Kenyatta remarked in 2018.

The President- Elect was posed with the question if he will uphold the human and civic rights of the members of LGBTQ+, “On that subject President Kenyatta was spot on. We do not want to create a mountain over a mole hill. This is not a big issue for the people of Kenya. When it becomes a big issue for the people of Kenya, the people of Kenya will make a choice. As we sit now we are garbling with 5 million young people who don’t have jobs, 4 million people who are hungry and that is my concern. That’s is the focus of the people of Kenya at the moment,” President Elect went on to state.


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