Pet Leashing the New Form of “Love”

Once our social fabric was broken down, the gap and loneliness left behind from socializing created a new wave. This was the wave of appreciation for pets that swept a majority of urban areas in the country, during the peak of the COVID 19 pandemic. With more and more Kenyan families taking up animals to be part of their families. The Kenya Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (KSPCA); stated a 60% percent increase in pets re-homing during this period.

However, as the world continues to open up and return to normalcy. Animal abuse cases have been on the rise. Animal abuse is, “Anything that causes torture, suffering or anything that violates the five animal freedoms is considered as animal abuse. For example, it can be simple as withdrawing food from your pet, locking up big animals in small spaces where they can’t move, overloading donkeys, etc.,” Ian Mkiringa Animal Welfare Officer.

A video of a lady whipping her dog mercilessly in some apartment in Ruaka made rounds yesterday on social networks. The video was filled with barks of anguish and pain. Residents of the area complained of this “common occurrence” and KSPCA rushed to the rescue. In response to the incident and further advisory, they released the following statement;

Photo: KSPCA social media pages


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