Devotion: New believers must be fed the right diet

1 Peter 2:2

As newborn babes, desire the pure milk of the word, that you may grow thereby…..

When a baby is born, they have no idea what to eat or where to get food. They are completely dependent on the parents to feed them. In fact, when you think about it, a baby will develop a taste for what the parent consistently feed them. This is why different cultures have a liking for different types of food. What may be a delicacy in one culture may be considered a total turn-off in another.

In the same manner, a new believer has no idea what they need to feed on to grow into a mature Christian. It is thus the responsibility of the “spiritual parent” following them up to guide them on what to feed on, and to go a step further to ensure that they feed as a good parent would.

As a spiritual parent, you must teach the new Christian how to read the word for themselves. You must teach them the importance of reading the word, and not just reading it, but how to use the word to have a more fulfilling life. Remember, Jesus said that man cannot live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.

If children are left to choose what to eat, they would probably eat sweets and ice cream every day. This diet is sweet to the taste, but bad for their health. In the same manner, the new Christian may be indulged in things that may be good to the taste (entertainment) but they are damaging spiritually.

A good parent must teach the new believer not only how to read the word, but also how to meditate on it so that their mind and thought process may be renewed. We must teach them how to memorize the word and hide it in their hearts so that they may not sin against God. In addition, we must teach them how to study the word and to mine the deep truths and principles contained there in. Finally, we must also teach them how to hear God as they read the word, how to get that rhema word and how to implement it in their lives.

In essence, when you think about it, when a parent takes the baby to the hospital for the regular check and the baby is found not to be reaching the growth milestones because of malnutrition, the blame is placed on the parents and not the baby. Likewise, if the new believers are found to have a deficiency of the word, then the parent is to blame.


  • Were you a good or terrible feeder when you were a child?
  • Who taught you how to read the word and pray? What impact did this have on your foundation in the faith?
  • Is it possible to help a new believer feed on the word if you are not feeding on it yourself?



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