Peace Wins: The Era of Conceding Defeat

The latest figures on voter turnout released by Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), “At around 4.00pm, 12,065,803 registered voters out of 22,120,458 had cast their vote. This equates to 56.17 percent of voter turn-out excluding voting through the manual register.”

As of Tuesday yesterday analysts and the political class where at awe at the low voter turnout. Taking into consideration the opinion polls and figures from the 2017 general elections. The Kenyan voter’s voice was heard and the political class has heeded to the will of the people. Some “household” political names  have to concede defeat in various polls;

Hon. Moses Kuria took to his official Facebook page to conceded defeat, “I enjoyed every minute of my 8 years in elective politics. Back to the private sector. Happily.” He had earlier insinuated that there is life after politics and he has lived up to his “vow”. Taita Taveta may have dealt the biggest blow to the long serving Hon Naomi Shaban. Living up to her reputation Hon Naomi has addressed her supporters in various social media groups, “Good people, there is time for everything. Thank you for giving me a chance to serve you for 20 years. My young brother Okano, I congratulate you,” Read part of her statement.

A couple of minutes before 11 AM the seating Member of Parliament of Langata made an announcement on his social media account, “To the people of Langata, I sincerely thank you for according me an opportunity to be your Member of Parliament for the last 5 years. It’s been a great opportunity that gave me an avenue to contribute to our nation building and service to the people. From the results that we’ve tallied at the Generali center, my competitor Jalango has a lead and I want to congratulate his as he prepares to take the mantle and move Langata forward. Siasa si chuki. God bless Langata.”

At around 11:30 AM the youngest MP aspirant from Kajiado North Constituency has also conceded defeat, “In a competition of 16 candidates only one was meant to be the winner and so I Anita Soina, The Green MP concede defeat and promise to support the Kajiado county government and Kenya’s government where needed as we strive to make Kajiado and Kenya a better place for every citizen.” The youngest parliamentary aspirant ever in Kenya at 21 years olds stated as she thanked the Kajiado residents for welcoming her their homes.

As the numbers continue to trickle  in, we hope to see more showcases of Camaraderie!



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