New DCI director sworn into office

Amin Mohamed Ibrahim has been sworn in, as the Director, of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) by Chief Justice Martha Koome, this morning. In his speech the Director thanked the President William Ruto for the appointment and the trust he has bestowed upon him. He went on to state that he is ready for the task and to lead the DCI in dealing with the challenges of their time.

“It is a new chapter for the DCI and I want to promise the President and the people of Kenya that we shall not let you down,” DCI Director Amin Mohammed.

Director Amin endeavours to lead the directorate in the most professional manner and adhere to the supreme law of the land the constitution. “We shall also endeavour to respect human rights while being firm and fair. As we stick to the mandate given to the directorate. I want to urge all Kenyans and foreigners living within our borders to obey the Kenyan laws and we shall not have any reason whatsoever to come for you,” he added.

Terrorism, narcotics, human trafficking, cybercrimes, corruption and money laundering will be dealt with. To the full extent of the mandate of the DCI, the director emphasised. To aid in transparent and open communication the new DCI boss disclosed his personal number to Kenyans, 0722 415 419. Hoping that they will freely and easily reach out to him in case of anything.

While speaking at the swearing-in ceremony the Chief Justice Martha Koome stated, “One of the mandates of the DCI is to maintain law and order. We in the criminal justice system rely on investigations that are carried out. And without investigations we will never succeed.” The CJ, hopes the DCI and other members of the criminal justice system will work hand in hand to ensure justice is served for all. Chief justice Koome gave a vote of confidence to the Director stating that; she has no doubt of his capabilities and his 33 years’ worth of experience.

“The oath of office which you have taken today. Should guide you in your day to day work. According to that oath you must never depart from the law and that is what will give Kenyans confidence. That whatever they face will come before an impartial investigator who will follow the law and indeed serve this country,” the CJ added.


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