Nathaniel Bassey releases new song ”Adonai”

“Last year, August to be precise, I woke up in the morning after a HALLELUJAH CHALLENGE session. And as soon as my feet hit the floor, The LORD opened my heart to hear THIS SONG. I picked up my phone and recorded a voice note of it. Here is ADONAI. One of those songs heaven gives. Enjoy.” Nathaniel Bessy gives a legit description of how one of his hit songs, released 3 days ago, came to be.

Nathaniel Bassey, a Pastor and Music Minister, is a renowned artist from Lagos Nigeria, and was first known for the songs Imela, Onise Iyanu, and more recently, See What the Lord has done, from his album Names of God.

There has been a series of song releases from the Names of God album. We would say, its worth every minute of your time!


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