Student Faces attacks for reading Bible in Florida School

A 14-year-old Christian in Florida, who was allegedly told to stop taking his Bible to school after he was repeatedly attacked and bullied by students and teachers alike for his faith, has filed a lawsuit ”seeking significant damages because the school has destroyed his educational experience.

The Dhillon Law Group files the 206-page lawsuit against Mater Academy, a public charter school in Hialeah Gardens, on behalf of Nicholas Ortiz through his parents, Rafael and Lourdes Ortiz, on Monday.

”Mr.Ortiz is experiencing something that no American should ever have to experience,” Dhillon Law Group managing partner, Harmeet K. Dhillon, said in a statement.

”It’s bad enough that the school has done nothing to stop the bullying from his peers, but have gone as far as joining in targeting Mr.Ortiz for simply practicing his faith. This blatant violation of his first amendment rights is another example of how extreme so many in our education system have become, and why Dhillon Law Group is coming to Mr.Ortiz’s defense.”




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