It’s all about being Authentic: Daphne Richardson releases 5 track EP

Daphne Richardson’s music has been seen to trickle into the Christian music scene introducing a unique, rhythmic, and sultry sound. Her strong and passionate voice is slowly becoming a signature in the industry, producing songs with an eclectic sound. Daphne is now becoming an artist to keep an eye on, especially with the new release of her 5 track EP. In an Instagram post, she expressed excitement and highlighted that “Authenticity means not conforming, not changing… but staying true to your faith & your beliefs. God is calling a generation of unmovable believers who stay true to His word and seek Him with their whole hearts. I pray you can feel the passion and excitement that we felt as we created these songs. I hope it does something in the hearts of everyone who hears it.”

Listen to “Not Finished Yet” ft. Folabi Nuel, one of the 5 tracks in the Authentic EP. This song encourages us that Christ is not finished with us yet, we are still breathing and still living because he has a purpose for us. The song declares that Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith.


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