Museveni: Eat cassava for breakfast

The high cost of basic commodities and the increasing Inflation rate is with us and may not go away any time soon. So do we brace ourselves or turn to other alternatives around us, and in specific our menu alternatives, on a day to day basis? Our fore fathers had more natural resources to enjoy than we do in this day, however, the rise in food prices has caused Kenyans to look into different alternatives to put a meal on the table.

It’s no secret that the cost of living is a global affair now, with the war in Ukraine, fuel shortages and the cost of raw materials on the rise, people across the world are trying to find ways they can adapt and survive.

For instance, many have taken to socials to react to Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni’s advice to Ugandans, to turn to eating cassava as an alternative to bread because of the rise in cost of wheat flour in the country.

Breakfast or bread alternatives that are available in Kenya are foods like sweet potato, arrow root, and potatoes, as well as matoke (cooked bananas), though filling, these have also risen in cost.

Like some would say, it’s bad on every side, Choi a father of two from Nairobi says “You either brace for impact or try to minimize and see what you can do. You can make a whole load of dinner so that guys can take part of that for breakfast or the next day’s lunch. But with kids on board, because they have to have a decent breakfast, we are stuck with buying bread. It’s easy to have for breakfast, though its pricey, either you buy more bread at a higher cost or you have guys eating in smaller portions which is tricky. All the same, there is no way to escape the inflation. Anywhere you try to run to the heat is up.”

Many like Choi are trying to find ways to balance between putting together a decent meal for the family and the high price of different kinds of food. There may be options to bake, or fry but cost of cooking oil, fuels and energy like electricity have also hit the roof. It is survival for the fittest, or is it for the smartest?

Emmah a mum of 3 from Limuru says “I have taken to serving leftovers, arrow roots and sweet potatoes which is more filling, healthier and cheaper than bread nowadays.”

It’s no wonder our fore fathers never ate anything processed, it was healthier, more convenient and foods were available to achieve eating from the ground, although it seems the same ground they found food from is asking for more out of us than the other way round.

But, could it be that the inflation, especially of bread, may turn round and find us indulging in more homemade and natural foods? If your pocket gives you air-burgers, the ground may just save you!


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