Mistrust in Russian Ukraine Dialogue

Ukraine sees the risks and does not see themselves developing any trust with Russia. Despite recent dialogue between representatives from the two countries, Russian shells strike again, killing 12 people in the town Chernihiv, the day before yesterday.

In his presidential address, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy said, “Yes we can call positive the signals we hear from the negotiating platforms. But these signals do not silence the explosions from the Russian shells.”

This has created mistrust between Ukraine and Russia, with a consensus looking more impossible if the shelling continues.  The Mayor of Chernihiv, in response to Russia’s attack, said, “Often Russians say one thing but a different thing usually happens.”

It is clear that two nations that have a personal interest, coming together to now form a common interest is not the easiest thing, but still, we hope for its manifestation.


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