Liabilities Instilled by Parents

Parenting is an art on its own. An art that has rules and at the same time is not bound by any. It’s unique and specific to a family, community, and culture.  With no specific guidelines, modern parents have been over-loving and parenting their kids. Parents at times think they are helping out their children. But in true reality, they are creating a liability in them.

Self-drive is what propels us to success or to achieve the things we desire in life. However, how can you develop this principle when everything is offered on a platter of gold? “Many parents have killed the self-drive of their children. They have done everything for them and they have not left room for the children to think and work out things on their own. It gets worst when they have gone through school and graduated but we see the parents being the ones looking for the jobs,” Roy Okonji Coach and Author.

The coach advises parents to step back and let the children lead. We need to give children the opportunity to practice what they learn and actively be independent. Loving your child is a beautiful and blessed emotion. However, too much of everything is poisonous!


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