Manifestos Do not Matter to 44% of Kenyans

The month of June narrowed down the vision of the “main” political aspirants for the presidency with three out of the 4 candidates launching their manifestos and the remaining aspirant set to release his today, Monday. In a survey conducted by Familynews.Today, 45% of Kenyans stated that the launched manifestos will not influence their decision on who to vote for. In simpler terms, they do not care!

The 44% fall under the category that; manifestos are just documents and more often than not they are actualized to the people. Well, manifestos are extremely important to the voters. As this presents the promises, plans, and deliverables the politician seeks to achieve in office. “It is like a contract that you are giving them if you sign for me through your vote this is what I will deliver. It is very important you cannot get into leadership without knowing where you want to lead your people,” Gideon Thuranira, Leadership Consultant.

38% of Kenyans were optimistic that the current political class will deliver the promises they set in the manifestos while others stated that during the launch of the manifestos they shifted from one candidate to the other. The remaining 19% of Kenyans are on the bench on the matter.

How can we as a citizen question and put to check the government if we do not interrogate the manifestos? What promise or reason are we voting for the people we want in office? It’s high time we question both the person and the promise for a better Kenya.


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