The Lords Prayer: Hallowed Be Thy Name

Luke 11:2 KJV‬
[2] And he said unto them, When ye pray, say, Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.
What’s in a name?
That depends on the character or individual behind that name. There are names that are not mentioned casually because of the individual behind the name. There are names that open doors because of the authority the person behind the name carries.
The name of God is unlike any other, and we are commanded not to use it casually and in vain.
The name of God is Holy and when Jesus tells his disciples to pray and say Hallowed be thy name, this is what it means;
We are to glorify God’s holy name. We are to regard it as holy and keep it sacred. Gods name is holy — set apart above all others. It is to be worshipped by his creation above all other gods and authorities because he is the one true God.
We profess the name of the Lord and the bible says his people are called by his name. We then must live a life that is set apart, a life worthy of that name, a life that glorifies the name of God. We should not put his name to shame by confessing it and living a life that is the opposite of what that name stands for.
There is salvation in that name.
There is healing in that name.
That name is a strong tower for the righteous.
Demons tremble at that name.
That name is above all other names.
What does your name mean?
Does your lifestyle hallow the name of God or put it to shame?
What does the name of God mean to you?


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