Man Reunites with his Family:  After 7 years of Missing

Desperation, constant state of anxiousness/wander and overall hopelessness are emotions that families of missing people have to deal with. The constant pain and thoughts become a norm until they reunite with their kin. With some even hoping, to at least receive the bodies of their loved ones to gain closure.

Tears of joy over flowed in Kithyoko Mercy Servants home after a man was reunited with his family. Mwamali Muthiani went missing without a trace more than 7 years ago. He received accommodation at the facility after being released from Kenyatta National Hospital. Where he had been undergoing treatment for head injuries, which affected his memory.

For four years while at the facility, he slow began to recover his memory. Mwamali was eventually able to remember the names of his relatives. Upon which the nun in charge of the facility, Sister Mary Musembi contacted the area Chief to commence tracing of his relatives.

The family of Mwamali was filled with disbelief and joy upon hearing the news that he is alive. The family had searched for him everywhere including morgues but all their efforts bore no fruit. As they hugged and rejoiced. The moment felt more like an answered prayer to the family.


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