Look Within: Drought in Marsabit

Kenyans just like the rest of the world have focused on the war in Ukraine. Believers from all nations have been coming together to pray and send help to the refugees and nation at large. However, our own home is also bleeding a wound that we can immediately heal. If we pay attention and come together to end the pangs of hunger. Residents of Marsabit, a county that is globally renowned for being the cradle of mankind are in a state of destitution.

This state has been brought about by prolonged drought. Dried-up water sources and empty fields have become the current identity of the county. Over 200,000 people are bearing the brunt of an acute food and water shortage. With some parts of the county not witnessing rains for at least 2 years.  Other reports state that a further 2 million residents of the Northern region of the country are also experiencing the effects of drought and starvation.

Nairobi churches in collaboration with local and international partners embarked on a feeding mission for the area. In a ceremony held at the Faith Evangelistic Ministry, the church leaders called upon Kenyans to come together to donate what they can for their countrymen in need. In the launch of the feeding mission, over 70 000 tonnes of food were donated. The trucks were send-off after a service held on the grounds together with other congregants present. The little you have can go a long way to save a life!


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