Catholic bishops asks gov’t to scale up drought response initiative

The Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops has called on the government to quit engaging in political rhetoric associated with campaigns and instead focus on service delivery.

Speaking at the Holy Ghost Cathedral in Mombasa, the religious leaders decried the high cost of living which they said has made life unbearable for Kenyans while leaders still battle on political grounds.

“Elected leaders must take seriously the responsibilities that Kenyans have bestowed on them,” the Archbishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Nairobi, Philip Anyolo stated: “We call on Parliament to look at the taxation regime and consider practical fiscal policies like zero-rating some of the basic and essential food items to arrest the high cost of living.”

Th leaders also called on the government to declare the ongoing drought a national disaster to enable government allocate resources more strategically in the 29 counties affected by the current drought.

The Archbishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Nyeri, bishop Anthony Muheria appealed to the government to set up a better coordinated multi-agency system of distributing emergency relief.

“While we commend the government for its efforts in releasing food relief to those affected by famine in the country, we have received reports that some of this support has not reached the intended recipients or is taking too long to reach them,” he said.

According to the government reports, over 4.35 million Kenyans are going to bed hungry. The Catholic Bishops further called on the government to roll out a school feeding programme.

The Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops, went further to remind the opposition to be bold enough and highlight pertinent issues affecting the country, to give constructive criticism. Their meeting coincided with the 1st Cabinet meeting of the 5th administration chaired by President William Ruto at State house, Nairobi.


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