Love to Give Life

Each and every single day even minute a child is born. For some they end up in happy homes where their parents are ready to welcome them. At times some of them lack homes, “Between 2 and 8 million children around the world are living in residential care (including orphanages, large-scale institutions, small group homes, and children’s villages),” Faith Action Initiative.

When most couples/people consider adopting children, an act of kindness on its own. A bigger a majority of them are unwilling to take in, a child with special needs. Jeanne and Eli Backer adopted their son, Jaxon a three year old who was in need of a Kidney transplant. The couple never considered themselves as possible kidney donors for their son, who was on end-stage kidney disease.

“He’s been on dialysis since he’s been born, for a three-year-old that’s a lot to stay in one spot for. But he’s finally big enough for a kidney transplant,” Jeanne. The couple gives all thanks and glory to God for the miraculous match. Do you think you can adopt, a child with special needs today?


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