KEPSA Hosts Kenya Kwanza Alliance Principals

Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) has today met with the Kenya Kwanza Alliance Principals led by Deputy President William Ruto. The meeting is part of the planned engagements with Presidential Candidates for the 2022 Elections with an aim of presenting the Private Sector Economic Manifesto and discussing the envisioned economic agenda for Kenya.

KEPSA says participation, accountability, and collaboration between the government and the private are key ingredients to the growth of the business environment.

‘Safe and accommodating taxation environment is pivotal to the development of the private sector. Creating an efficient business environment will expand the scope of doing business beyond the borders of the country and Africa at large.’ KEPSA CEO, Carole Kariuki

She further said, KEPSA manifesto has 5 economic pillars and the private sector is the driving force of economy, and job creation. She urged the government to engage SMEs directly in government projects such as roads to enhance jobs and revenue creation.

On his part DP Ruto said, ‘We are going to change the conversation in Kenya. The conversation won’t be about changing the constitution, or sharing power but to empower citizens of the country.’

The DP stated, ‘We have pushed the conversation to the political space. The bottom-up approach is a critical conversation about the economy. Empowering people by building our economy should be our focus as we strive to match the global front-runners.’

Ruto said the way to move Kenya to the next level is how to re-look at the whole spectrum of our economy. “From the Kenya Kwanza perspective, we look at how to capitalize the private sector.’ He said.

Musalia Mudavi who accompanied the DP said, ‘We want an economy that works for all. In this dialogue we are not trying to create divisions between the cadres of our economy players. We want to create a synergy that will see us work together as Kenyans.’

KEPSA is keen to building the capacity of state and private-sector corporations to implement anti-corruption compliance.


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