Kenya’s First Bone Marrow Surgery in Nairobi West Hospital

Kenya has achieved a new milestone in the field of medicine. As Nairobi West Hospital becomes the first hospital in the country to offer Bone Marrow Transplant services. This is an answered prayer for cancer and blood disorder patients. As, they initially had to travel outside the country to receive this particular medical service.

Bone Marrow transplant is a procedure which has been done since 1968. However, it was first done in the country on 10th of October 2022. The transplant is a procedure to replace damaged or destroyed bone marrow with healthy bone marrow stem cells. These stem cells are delivered into the bloodstream. A process that is almost similar to getting a blood transfusion.

The first patient to undergo the procedure within the country is expected to be discharged from the facility in about 2 days. “One thing we are conscious about is the cost. Currently we are working on packages because every individual every disease, every condition is unique but on average we will keep the cost very low and manageable,” Prof Andrew Kanyi, the Chief Medical Director at the Nairobi West Hospital.

The hospital management estimates that the cost of treatment will range between 2.5 million- 3.5 million Kenyan shillings. Which, would be cheaper than travelling outside the country. The hospital is also working on collaborating with insurance companies on how the cost can be managed. Stating that, they are in advanced talks with NHIF.


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