Kenya Needs a Rebirth of Governance

Every electioneering period a picture is painted of our society. Corruption, tribalism, lies, threats, and all manner of vices arise during this period. An Easter Special on Crosstalk on Family Radio 316 with Fred Njiri talked about this topic, “What’s this thing happening in Kenya and other Christian countries where we are told we are about 80% Christians but when it comes to sin we are 98%. What is happening to the church?” Hon Oscar Musonye.

The situation is not unique to us alone, in other countries churches are being sold out to become clubs, mosques, and all other forms of enterprises. “The tragedy we are in today as Christians; is that we don’t look like us. Not unless you meet someone and they tell you that I am a Christian. When they are out there we walk, talk, and dress like the world. Everything in us is reflecting the world, nothing in us reflects the Christ aspects. Why is the church finding itself around the world while it’s the world that should find itself around the church?” Hon. Oscar Musonye.12 Apostles transformed the world through the Gospel, question remains why haven’t 80% of Christians made any impact?

One of the lessons of Easter is servant leadership. Jesus washed His disciples’ feet to demonstrate it. The pedestal politicians our “public employees” sit on should be knocked down to a level of understanding that they are there to serve. “There always comes a rebirth after death and it’s a very painful experience. A price has to be paid, something has to be hanged on the cross, and some bleeding must be there that’s the process we don’t want as Christians. We want the rebirth, we enjoy the resurrection but we don’t want to die. People don’t want to pain the price for the resurrection,” Hon Oscar. “The problem is we are two different people one in public and the other in private. Unless we are willing to pay the price we need to pay for our integrity and character. We will not be able to model the kind of leadership Jesus model.” Pst. George Wanjohi.

The one who will be the greatest is the servant. This is one of the principles we need to reflect on. Listen to the full discussion as it happened on Family Radio 316;


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