It’s all Smile’s As Mother Reunites with “Enslaved” Daughter

Tears of joy and thanksgiving filled the JKIA today, as Diana Chepkemoi returned home. This past weekend Kenyans trended the hashtag #BringBackDianaChepkemoi. Calling upon the government to intervene on the plight of the “enslaved” 24 year old, which they did.

While addressing the media moments before Diana’s flight landed. Her mother shared, “I feel grateful at this moment because God has done. Because God has done for me things I was not expecting. This was a critical condition I could not imagine what to do, I was helpless.”

Diana’s mother thanked the entire government and all other individuals or agencies that assisted in bringing back her daughter alive. The mother shared she did not fully support her daughters decision to travel for work to Saudi Arabia. Her heart was never at peace.

As a mother it is so painful to see our children assaulted in various countries. It is better to hustle here, be in peace and happy. To be in your country it something so special.”

Diana had this to share, “I left Kenya to go to Saudi Arabia with the hopes of getting a better life and to be honest, mine was just a tip on the iceberg, people are suffering there.”  She  called upon the Kenyan government to rescue more Kenyans trapped in Saudi Arabia.

Songs of praise were sang by the people gathered at the airport; as mother and daughter embraced. Kenyans took to social media to share their heartfelt sentiments to the family.

Messages of rejoice, hope, caution and prayers were shared online. With netizens praying that God will see the family through this tough season. Here are some of the reactions by Kenyans on social networks;

Mercy Odiyo,“God is faithful 🙏🙏🙏 may He keep on protecting this young girl and may He open doors for her 🙏🙏🙏,” Abraham also tweeted, “Wishing you quick recovery our lovely Kenyan girl and May the demons of Saudi remain there in Saudi. Karibu nyumbani mpendwa wetu.”

Susan Nduku went on to add, “And as a nation we have a testimony to share.”Kipkirui Klemore, “May God heal and bless her and her family and everyone who genuinely prayed for her.”

The power of social media was clear attested, we have the power as social network users. But, only when we use it for good.


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