Interfaith Council of Kenya Opens Places of Worship to Full Capacity

The Interfaith Council for National Response to Corona Virus Pandemic has welcomed the government’s move lifting the Covid-19 protocols paving the way for the resumption of full in-person worship for vaccinated persons.

The Council’s chair Archbishop Anthony Muheria, however, maintains that places of worship will be expected to observe various hygiene protocols which include handwashing, temperature screening, and sanitization of shared items cautioning that the pandemic is not yet over, hence, Kenyans should not lower their guard.

”We still advise that all must continue wearing masks in the places of worship we will continue to observe all measures of hygiene, special attention should be given to sanitizing microphones” he said.

Muheria has at the same time confirmed that curbs on attendance and timings at the services, weddings and funerals have been lifted, while the elderly and vulnerable can now attend the worship.

”God has certainly heard our prayers, as we can now operate in some relaxed environment. We know , however, that the Covid-19 effects will still be felt in society and in families for a long time to come. Let’s us continue praying that God may help us make our contribution towards rebuilding our expressions of faith, and sustaining our society in all areas.” The Statement read.

The Interfaith Council made an impassioned plea to Kenyans to reach out to families battling adverse socio-economic impacts of the pandemic.

”We urge all Kenyans to be attentive and to come to the aid of the many families affected seriously by the Covid-19 pandemic. We single out, especially the COVID orphans and windows . We all, together with the government, should seek ways of mitigating their strife through some means of support.”

The Ministry of Health last Friday lifted Covid-19 prevention measures, including wearing of masks in public, after sustaining a less than one per cent positivity case rate, which currently stands at 0.2pc.




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