Prodigal Son Returns 49 Years Later

Unimaginable amount of torment goes through the hearts of families who have lost trace of a loved one. Visits to the police station, hospitals, morgues and other peculiar place is just the stepping to the search of hell. Where hopes and disappointment raise in equal measure. At times the only point of closure for families it’s to assume the worst has occurred and their loved one is no longer on this earth. The only copying mechanism that’s available for them.

This was the case for the Miatu family, however fate smiled upon them as social media was the bridge that brought forth their long lost father/husband/brother 49 years later. This was after a doctor in Mpeketoni shared the picture of Mr. Wilson Miatu on his page with the hopes of reuniting him with his family. The last trace his family had of Miatu was in 1973 after he sold his father’s property and vanished. Leaving behind 10 children and 2 wives to fend for themselves.
The reach and power of social media was once again proven as the family eventually saw the post. Upon meeting their loved one once again, they were faced with a new hurdle. They had to reintroduce themselves to their father who had no recognition or memory who they were. This has been attributed to memory deterioration due to old age amongst other factors.
Just like the return of the prodigal son in the bible, the 83 year old return was also filled with tremendous joy and jubilation.


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