7 Things the Congregation Wishes Worship Leaders Should Know

Article by Pastor Elizabeth Akinyi of Ruach Assemblies

  1. If you see us looking gloomy during Worship, please don’t be quick to ask us, KWANI HAMKUKUNYWA CHAI ASUBUHI? (You didn’t take tea this morning?) We probably didn’t considering the tough economic times. I’m sure Jehovah will help you find other edifying ways of encouraging us to participate, especially those of you who lead us during the seemingly quiet 1st service.
  2. Our tears during worship don’t necessarily equate to a powerful move of God. Honestly, we deal with and cry about very many things. Moments of worship are an opportunity for so many of us to vent out emotions we’ve bottled up all week; matters of the heart, our very own personal things.
  3. Disciple us. From time to time, teach us why we lift up our hands, kneel, clap, and shout etc. during praise and worship. Many of us sing some of the songs during the week. Though most of us might not be as musical as you are, we appreciate that we’ve learnt many of the songs we know from you. I’m sure we’ll flow much better with you once we understand matters worship. Oh, please remember to check the doctrine of the songs… and to project the lyrics too!
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  5. Lead us. No, you can’t worship God for us, but keep providing direction for us to follow as you follow the leading of the Spirit. We appreciate singing common songs and possibly learning one or two new ones every Sunday. No pressure. See, the last time Israel pressured Aaron, he made them a Golden calf. So don’t always yield to all of our requests. Just lead us.
  6. Sometimes if we’re seated, just let us be, at least once in a while. As you instruct us to stand up on our feet, kindly consider the sick, weak, the aged and the nursing mothers among us… or the long hours we stand during worship especially in keshas.
  7. We appreciate the times you go out of your busy schedules just to say hi, or when you allow us to interact with you along church corridors and parking lots during the break or after the service. We don’t have to be best of friends. However, it makes it easier for us to connect with you when you’re leading if we sense that you’re accessible and relatable.
  8. We are for you! Many of us pray for you and admire you. Keep praying that God reveals Himself to us too, so we may exalt Him together whenever we meet!


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