“I know how to be without food and clothes” Pastor Dorcas Rigathi’s motivation to rescue the boy child from the streets

Second lady Pastor Dorcas Rigathi has a plan to empower the boy child in Kenya. She believes that the plight of young men wallowing in joblessness, drug and alcohol abuse needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

During an interview with Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) in the US, she said, “Anytime Satan wanted to destroy a nation, he went for the boy child. We may not see it as a satanic move but it is.”

She added that the seed carrier shouldn’t be directionless and dying in the streets while women are well-resourced and well-educated.

Most of the boys in the streets are from single parent homes. Cities like Nairobi are not accommodating to them, work is scarce and money is hard to come by. These frustrations drive them to crime, drug and alcohol abuse. Some are used as drug runners which further endangers them.

As a mother, the second lady is moved to rescue the boy child from vices and get them off the streets.

But how does she plan to do it?

A multifaceted program

  1. Medical rehab with Christian counseling. The church will provide spiritual nourishment. Pastor Rigathi believes there will be less stigma for them in church where they can feel loved and be taken care of as they undergo counseling and spiritual redirection.
  2. A vocational training center to equip them with different skills. By the time they finish the program, they will not only be de-addicted but will also have practical skills to make a living with. The graduates will be given toolkits so that they can be self-employed where possible. Others will be connected to jobs in their areas of training.
  3. School program. For prevention purposes, a deliberate program will be developed to retain boys in schools and help them understand the effects of drug/alcohol abuse and other vices. The boy child will be given equal opportunity in terms of education and exposure to see the possibilities in their lives.
  4. A sports academy. Those who would like to engage in sports would be given the opportunity to redirect their energies to something more fruitful.

The second lady see the danger of not empowering boys as much as the girls have been empowered by government programs. She says, “When a boy child is left without care, direction, destiny and purpose, they are eventually used by people for all kinds of evil.”

“We know that God has called us to reach out to those boys. As a mother I feel it is time. I want to reach out to young men so that I can see them being productive and dignified like other human beings. They deserve to be in the mainstream of life.”

Pastor Dorcas sees the future of the church those young men despite the fierce spiritual battle for their lives and Kenyan’s future. She knows that God can rescue them.

The second lady has been there and understands what they are going through. “I can feel the heartbeat of street children because I have been there. I know how to be without food and clothes. And it was so cold that one of my sisters died of pneumonia. My mother spoke words of power an authority over us. She told us, “Don’t worry when your father is not there and you are children of a widow. Your father in Heaven will see you through.””


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