Ignorance: The price of Free Things

Share this link with 10 people to win the new iPhone or other mega deals! Well, the love of free things as a society, is what chains and drowns us. “As human beings, we like free things and attackers know we like free things. That’s why the most successful attacks are the ones that state forward this link to your friend to win x,y,z,” Brencil Kaimba Cyber Security Expert.

Open free Wi-Fi available, for some this will bring instant joy to them. However, the level of security for the user is what is in question, because this might leave you compromised. “It’s a possibility for another user in the same space, using the same Wi-Fi to be monitoring all the activities you are doing. Let’s say you have gone there to browse you are accessing your Facebook, Instagram, internet banking. It is possible for someone to perform an attack, what we call “man in the middle.” They can see everything you are posting. In worst cases they can see the transactions you are making online, change them to a different recipient, the damage could be as bad as that. The best thing we always advise is when you receive something that is free always be cautious,” she continued.

It can take less than a second for anyone to be hacked. The best defence against cybercrime is knowledge. If the product is free you are the commodity!


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