Men and the Price of Basic Household Commodities

It is no lie the cost of living has risen with inflation standing at 7.1%. Dear men, do you know the price of the basic household commodities? In a survey focusing on married men; most of them were unaware of the price of basic commodities in the market. For instance, Princeton says a tray of eggs cost Ksh.300, bread 800g is Ksh.71 while a packet of milk cost 50 shillings. Brian, on the other hand, seems to know the prices of basic commodities not because he is stingy but for better budgeting for his family.

According to Sharon, a married woman with 4 kids suggests that the husband should have a rough estimate of the prices of commodities and add some cash on top of the estimates. For a different couple , Mwende receives Ksh.15,000 for basic household spending every month. In her planning she ensures she saves up Ksh.7,000-8,000 monthly out of the fund, all this is in secrecy. However, when the prices went up she ensured her husband chipped in more to ensure that her savings are not affected. Men where can we seek refuge?

79% of Kenyans who responded to our general survey supported the notion that men should be aware of the prices. 13% said no, while 8% questioned the reason as to why they should be aware. Don’t get me wrong, we are not advocating for marriage micro-managing. We are interested to see how different couples view finances in their marriages.

In summary, what stood out was the dishonesty in marriage when it comes to finances. Calling out couples to be more transparent in their finances for the betterment of their families. Living in a bubble of ignorance in the modern world should be a crime. Where do you fall; transparent or not in your marriage?


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