NHIF and CIC Consortium owe Faith Based Hospitals 2b in Insurance Claims

Faith Based health facilities are at a high cash flow risk as they are unable to pay health workers, suppliers and meet basic operational costs. This is occasioned by the fact that NHIF and CIC Consortium owe 126 health facilities KES 2 billion in insurance claims. CIC network is a group of insurers that cover Kenya police, Kenya Prisons and Teachers service commission.

Under the umbrella body, Christian Health Association of Kenya (CHAK), the health facilities are appealing to the schemes to honor the claims to avoid operational challenges.

In the last 6 months, less than 30% of the claims are being met from these key insurers.

Speaking during their annual conference, the general secretary of CHAK Dr. Samuel Mwenda said that faith based health facilities operate in the remotest areas of Kenya where people have least access to health services.

According to the Kenya demographics health survey, about 40% of healthcare services in Kenya are provided by Faith Based Organizations (FBOs).

Patients waiting in line for medical services. File Photo

CHAK has 587 members – 33 hospitals, 125 health centers, 318 dispensaries, 27 community based healthcare programs, 68 churches and church organizations, 16 medical training colleges and universities, and 50 church denominations affiliations.

The statement reads: “CHAK makes an appeal that these schemes are immediately resourced with cashflow and premium payments by the relevant parent ministries and commissions, so that the insurers can meet obligations which have now become critical and urgent before the CHAK facilities grind to a halt.”

“That NHIF & CIC consortium urgently make the necessary arrangements to pay CHAK facilities all pending claims in the next 14 days. The key insurers are encouraged to engage stakeholders and resolve this critical cashflow stalemate without delay.”

CHAK is a national faith-based organization of the Protestant Churches’ health institutions and programs from all of Kenya which was established in 1946. CHAK is dedicated to promoting universal access to quality health care. The mission of the organization is to facilitate the provision of quality health services through health systems strengthening, innovative health programs, training, advocacy, and partnerships as a witness to the healing ministry of Christ.


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