The Internet of Things

Every time we place the word smart in front of any technology be it smart TV, smart watch, or any other tech, we are making a reference to the internet of things. The reference to the internet of things also explains how; elevators, CCTV cameras, Traffic lights, and many other technologies operate. The Internet of Things (IoT) was first coined by British visionary Kevin Ashton in 1999. This term is pronounced as a system where the Internet connects to the actuality via a global network of data sensors. However, since the early 1800s, there have been visions of machines communicating with one another.

To get a clear picture of IoT we spoke to Andrew Kimutai Ruto the founder and CTO of Lani Learning, “IoT has been there since time immemorial it’s just that in recent times it grows as technology comes down to the users. Previously it was implemented in Industries but right now it is being implemented in the basic human being. Essential on me I have a wearable device (smart watch) which collects my vitals, my heart rate and it sends this data to my mobile phone which can use to check on the status of my health.

The future is tech, is no lie. The importance of IoT in our everyday life is becoming more and more clear. Not only does it, “There is reduced cost and easier labour with the implementation of IoT.” But the implementation and development of this technology has been able to solve problems in society or fill in gaps we never saw beforehand.

“The enterprise IoT market grew 22.4% to $157.9 billion in 2021,” according to the March 2022 update of IoT Analytics’ Global IoT Enterprise Spending Dashboard. If we embrace technology some more we will be able to create new employment opportunities that in turn will improve the livelihoods of our people. “There is an innovator inside of all of us,” Rowan Gibson.


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