IEBC Blows the Whistle as Key Officials are Detained

In the wee hours of the night, the IEBC chairperson released a press statement to inform the public of the arrest of three key IEBC personnel yesternight. The said staff are responsible for the deployment and management of election technology infrastructure. “This is despite the Commission Secretary/CEO explaining to the security authorities that the three were in the country to execute a lawful contract relating to the deployment of technology in elections,” read part of the statement.

The commission went on to state, “The commission is concerned about this unjustified intimidation, harassment and blackmail whatsoever and demands the immediate release of the three employees of Smartmatic International B.V,” read part of the press statement.

The Office of the Inspector General National Police has responded to the incident via a press statement, “The arrest, impounding and subsequent investigations into the material were necessitated by the sensitivity of elections material, and further by the following facts requiring due diligence.” Read part of the statement by the NPS.

Upon embarking on the investigations, “Subsequent investigations have revealed that the stickers are bona fide property of the IEBC and part of the election-related material. Based on the above finding, the suspect has been released from lawful custody and the stickers released to IEBC.”

With the matter coming to an end two questions are left un answered was it an attempt of “intimidation” or just miscommunication?

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