Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signs bill banning LGBT instruction in early elementary school

Article by: Michael Gryboski

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has signed a bill that will prohibit public schools and third parties from discussing sexual orientation and gender identity with students between kindergarten and the third grade.

House Bill 1557 was signed into law on Monday, with the governor saying in a statement that he considered it a win for parental rights. The bill also requires school districts to adopt procedures to notify parents about changes affecting their child’s mental, physical and emotional health and prevents school districts from withholding information from parents. The law comes amid concerns that some school districts in the U.S. aren’t informing parents if their child is identifying as the opposite gender or by a new name.

“Parents’ rights have been increasingly under assault around the nation, but in Florida we stand up for the rights of parents and the fundamental role they play in the education of their children,” stated DeSantis.

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